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Our Go Diving Section includes details of diving sites, diving boats and Charter prices as well as information on the various Schools and Clubs we run.

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Diving sites:

Dive Site details: 0 - 19 metres 20 - 29 metres 30 - 39 metres 40 metres +

You must have proof of relevant training to dive these sites. Also please remember that our boats are all RIB's, we can only take a limited number of twin or multi cylinder rigs.

Algrave 54m

This 1274 British armed steamship measures 230' by 34' and was torbedoed and sunk by a German submarine in October 1917. 21 souls were lost on her.

Avalanche 46m

This 1154 iron sailing ship collided with the Forrest before sinking.

Black Hawk (Stern) 48m

As above but the stern lies on her starboard side with the prop missing and on a gravel, shingle and sand sea bed. The top is in 36 metres of water. Sunk in December 1944.

Boadicea 52m

This WWII destroyer is a war grave and was lost to German aircraft torpedo attack in June 1944 with 150 souls on board. She stands 6 metres high in some places. There are items of unexploded ammunition on her including depth charges.

Buccaneer 45m

This British armed tug was sunk by accident while towing a target in August 1946 and now lies on a shingle seabed uprights and intact.

Elmcrest 60m

A 4343 steamer she was sunk in July 1940 by a German E-boat.

Empress of India 45m

This 14,100 ton battleship was used as a gunnery and torpedo target and sank as result of this, turning turtle following several hits. Partly salvaged, lies on a sand sea bed.

Fisgard II 65m+

This 6010 ton ship was launched in 1870 named Invincible and operated for some time as the Erebus. In September 1914 while being towed to Portland she listed and sank with the loss of 21 souls. Her highest point is at 47 metres and she is reported to be lying upside down against a high reef.

Franziska 55m

The depth of this steamship varies according to sources (if you have updates please e-mail them to us). She collided with a Norwegian ship in 1889 and sank, now lying on a sand and shingle seabed.

Grane 47m

This 1120 ton Norwegian cargo vessel was torpedoed and sunk in March 1919. She measures 230' by 30' and is fairly broken up lying North to South with its highest point 6 to 7 metres off the sea bed.

Illinois 70m

This is reported to be a wreck with a deck at 53 metres sitting at 70+ metres of a sea bed and 400 ft long.

Inisinver 43m

This small 127 ton ton motor stands 3 to 4 metres high in some areas and was carrying China clay when she sank after hitting an obstruction in September 1930.

Iolanthe 44m

A 3081 ton steamship that was sunk in January 1918 by a German U-boat while carrying military stores, cattle fodder and military vehicles. She lies on a sand and shingle sea bed.

L24 54m

This 1080 ton British submarine measures 230' by 24' and sunk in 1924 after a collusion with the HMS Resolution.

LH Carl 54m

This 1916 ton steamer torpedoed in Lyme Bay in July 1917 and stands 5 to 6 metre in places.

Lord Stamp 60m

This naval trawler was mined in October 1940 and lies in 60 metres.

Martha 46m

This 653 ton Belgian steamship sank as result of a torpedo attack in March 1918. She lies on a sand and broken shell sea bed.

Meknes 60m+

A 6127 ton French liner which was torpedoed by a German E boat in 1940. The vessel broke into two after impact and sunk. Nearly 400 souls were lost on her. The wreck is well scattered with intact bows.

Merchant Royal 57m

This is a British cargo ship of 5000 tons lying South of Portland. She stands 15 metres and is a huge wreck with her bows broken off and amid ship and stern listing Starboard.

Minerva 44m

Formerly the Marie this iron wreck ship was sunk by a German submarine in May 1917. She was 518 tons and built in 1864.

Salsette 48m

British steamship, torpedoed and sunk July 1917, fifteen miles SW of Portland Bill. Intact and lying on its side.

Triton 60m

Coastal steamship bombed in 1940 she stands about 10 metres off the sea bed.

UB62 50m+

This German submarine was sunk in October 1917 and lies on a north to south line, with a hole in her port side and a list to starboard.

Valdes 49m

A 2200 ton British merchant ship that was torpedoed and sunk in February 1917. 11 souls were lost on her. She measures 260' and lies on her port side standing 5 to 6 metres in places.

Warrior II 54m

A requisitioned yacht sunk by German aircraft in 1940. She was 1124 tons and well blown. Stands 4 to 5 metres high in some points.

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