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Our Go Diving Section includes details of diving sites, diving boats and Charter prices as well as information on the various Schools and Clubs we run.

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Diving sites:

Dive Site details: 0 - 19 metres 20 - 29 metres 30 - 39 metres 40 metres +

Baly Bay to Grove 25m

This can be an exciting dive is planned correctly but divers should be aware that an outward tide will rapidly move them towards the eddy race after Grove point and beside Portland Bill.

Aerials 25m

This is one of Portland's most exciting and rewarding drift dives on a sea bed of black shells. Divers are advised to watch their depth as the area has a number of drop-offs.

Baly Drift 22m

Dropping off a boat to the left of the Hood exit from Portland harbour in outgoing tide will carry divers across a seabed scattered with shells, crabs and during the summer months much exotic sea life including a variety of nudibranches.

Binnendijk 28m

Dutch steamship of 6800 tons mined and sunk in 1939 just East of the adamant shoal, approximately 500' long.

British Inventor 20m

Mined in June 1940, all that remains is the well-scattered remains of the bow section of this Britich oil tanker of 7101 tons. The aft portion was salvaged and converted to a new ship. Has plenty of marine life and is well broken up with only the ribs and plates showing with its highest point about 2 metres off the sea bed.

Elena R 27m

This 4500 ton Greek steamship was mined in November 1939 during its voyage to Antwerp. It measures 370' to 53' and was salvaged, is broken. The seabed is made out of shifting gravel and parts of the wreck stand 7 metres high

Lulworth Banks 25m

The area's most popular drift dive which offers plenty of activities for divers at all levels, including scalloping and sea life identification.

Pulpit Rock 25m

Dive time for this area is 4 hours after HW and the dive window is about 45 minutes. Going far out from the area could lead to deeper grounds with depths ranging in excess of 35 metres but sticking to shore, especially in the kelp beds, divers can see plenty of sea life, crabs and lobsters.

Saratoga 23m

This is a British MFV that sank while being towed to Poole and is now pretty much broken up.

Shambles 25m+

Especially in good sea conditions a dive on the deeper edge of the shambles can be very rewarding for divers with varying interests. Visibility in this area can sometimes be as good as 20 metres and it is a much rewarding dive for underwater hunters.

St Dustan 27m

This 200' bucket dredger was used as a mine sweeper and was sunk by a mine in 1917. The wreck lies turtle, twisted, and her highest point off the sea bed is about seven metres.

Sub. Ground 25m

This area is marked with the large yellow buoys after the Hood entrance to the harbour and has a maximum depth of about 25 metres with a straight bottom layout. Tide flow in this area can give divers a drift of up to 2 knots.

Sudon 15m

A Swedish steamship which sank off the Cave Hole on Portland in 1882.

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