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Our Go Diving Section includes details of diving sites, diving boats and Charter prices as well as information on the various Schools and Clubs we run.

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Diving sites:

Dive Site details: 0 - 19 metres 20 - 29 metres 30 - 39 metres 40 metres +

Aeolian Sky 30m

A fine modern and recent wreck lying off St Alban's Head. She's a Greek registered bulk freighter of 14,000 tons and lies on a limestone sea bed on her port side. She stands about 13 metres throughout with her bows to the South and stern to the North

Alex Van Opstel 30m

This 5965 ton Belgian passenger liner, 420' with 57' beam, sunk in September 1939 by a mine en route to Antwerp. One of the few large wrecks on the East side of the bill. Her highest point is 7 metres above the seabed

A3 38m

This British submarine was sunk as a target after colliding with the HMS Hazard.

Ailsa Craig 36m

This 600 ton British steamship was sunk by a torpedo in 1918 while carrying a cargo of coal. Measuring 200' in length it was partly salvaged.

Arfon 35m

As an Admirality armed trawler the Arfon sank in 1917 when she hit a mine. The wreck was discovered in 1998 some 7 miles sout of Worbarrow Tout.

Ethel 38m

A well-broken steamship of about 2000 tons standing 6 metres off the sea bed.

Frognor 34m

This is a 1500 ton Norwegian steamship, torpedoed in May 1918. She measures 260' by 32' and stands 7 metres in places.

Landrail 31m

This pre-World War MTB destroyer sank while being towed back to Portland after being used as a target for battleship practice and taking two direct hits on her guns. She now lies in two parts on a shingle sea bed. In the past this wreck was called both the HMS Hazard and the HMS Bittern.

M2 34m

One of the most popular boat dives from Portland this submarine is an official War Grave. She was built in 1918 as a K-boat and in 1927 she was converted to carry a light sea plane in a hangar in front of the conning tower. It is generally accepted that she sunk after diving with the hangar doors open (as they are today). The M2 is not far west round the Bill, is about 300' and all hands were lost on her when she sunk in January 1932.

Moidart 36m

This 1300 ton armed merchant steamship was torpedoed by a German U boat and sank in 1918 while carrying railway lines. She stands 8 metres high in some places. She measures 240' by 32'.

P555 39m

An ex American submarine sunk on purpose, upright, as a sonar target in August 1947. She sits upright on a shingle and gravel seabed.

Pomerianian 33m

A British steamship of 4200 tons she was requisitioned by the government during WWI and was torpedoed and sunk on April 15, 1918 en route from London to Newfoundland with a loss of fifty lives. The wreck, carrying a general government cargo, sits upright on the bottom.

Pulpit Rock 30m

Dive time for this area is 4 hours after HW and the dive window is about 45 minutes. Going far out from the area could lead to deeper grounds with depths ranging in excess of 35 metres but sticking to shore, especially in the kelp beds, divers can see plenty of sea life, crabs and lobsters.

Scaldis 33m

This 80' MFV was last heard of in 1974 and all crew were lost. She lies upright.

Sidon 34m

This British S class submarine sank first in 1955 with the loss of 13 men and was raised and sunk again as an underwater sonar target. She lies broken but is a good dive and can be clearly made out as a submarine. There are recent attempts to salvage her and the conning tower.

Start 36m

This Norwegian steamer carried a cargo of coal when it was torpedoed in December 1917 and sunk. The 728 ton wreck is well broken and is believed to be well salvaged.

UB74 34m

This German submarine sank in May 1918. She measures 182' by 19' and was subnk with depth charges dropped off the yacht Lorna. She is broken up and difficult to locate.

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