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Dive with us

Our Go Diving Section includes details of diving sites, diving boats and Charter prices as well as information on the various Schools and Clubs we run.

Enhance your diving skills with Fathom and Blues and take advantage of our discount on groups and schools - just call for details.


Diving sites:

Local diving

We run dives from the centre to the huge array of dives in the area (see by depth below). We work on a ?first come, first served? basis; in other words we don?t have a prescriptive schedule. You tell us what you?d like to dive and we?ll (tides and availability provided) take you there!

There are a few rules that we stick to, please read them, they are pretty straightforward and as divers you should be familiar with all of them anyway!

Please don?t book a dive you aren?t qualified to dive. You must dive within your certification limits - if you haven?t got a Deep qualification you won?t be doing a deep dive!

Full equipment hire is available for all dives, but if you want a Dry Suit you must have a Dry Suit qualification.

All divers must provide their own red or orange SMB & reels, which are mandatory on many of our dives.

If you want to dive solo and are equipped and qualified to do so, that's fine. However, if you're diving in a group and become separated we don't expect you to continue diving without them or them without you. Search for one minute and surface!

The skipper?s word is final. You may think it?s OK to dive a site, but what about the others on the boat? Can the skipper pick you up afterwards ? safely? And so on

We are nice people, we don?t take deposits and we do take you on your honour. When you book a dive, unless you let us know at least 24 hours beforehand that you can?t make it, you will pay for that dive if you decide not to dive. Hangovers are self-inflicted, and although we may stop you diving (if you smell like the inside of a brewery) we will still charge for the dive!

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