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Our Go Diving Section includes details of diving sites, diving boats and Charter prices as well as information on the various Schools and Clubs we run.

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Diving sites:

Dive Site details: 0 - 19 metres 20 - 29 metres 30 - 39 metres 40 metres +

Bombardon Unit 17m

This is a WWII experimental wave breaking unit apparently made for the D-Day landings sitting off the Landing Craft and can be done as part of a Landing Craft dive. The Bombardon Unit is a star shaped barges with lots of hatches.

Black Hawk (Bow) 15m

Topedoed by a German sub in December 1944, towed into Worbarrow and beached. Declared a total loss in April 1945. The wreck was blown by explosives to clear the way for the Winfrith pipeline. It is badly broken up with large pieces of machinery present and lying in a rock shingle sea bed. There are large chains on her.

Bottlebank Drift 19m

This site is right inside of the harbour close to the Hood entrance and can offer a good drift dive at certain times of tide. The sea bed, heavily silted, is littered with bottles, cups and plates with other oddities. At times this area is used to conduct training deep dives that require a depth deeper than 18 metres.

Chequered Fort 18m

This is on the outside of the breakwater and just around the corner from the Fort. Depending on the tide, divers can get a good drift dive in this area. On descending, follow the wall down until you reach the gravel and sandy bottom at about 18 metres. There is some sea life amid the large rocks.

Countess of Erne 14m

This passenger liner Paddle steamer was later converted to a coal hulk but in 1935 broke loose from her moorings and sank against the breakwater. She was built in the early 1880s and the conversion took place 1889. She is approximately 240' long and with a 29' beam she lies upright on the bottom.

Dredger 12m

The Dredger lies right outside of Portland Harbour within the sheltered bay of Balaclava (in front of the large winch). This is believed to be a sand dredger and it makes an excellent shallow dive and training site in almost all weather and sea conditions. The wreckage is pretty much broken up.

Earl of Abergavenny 15m

This is an East Inidiaman that struck the Shambles bank and sunk in front of in 1805 with a large loss of life. Please be careful while diving this wreck and do not touch artefacts as it is currently a study project.

Enecuri (Spaniard) 13m

This 3000 ton Spanish steamship dragged her anchor in a Force 9 gale in December 1900 and was grounded on the rocks close to the Breakwater where she slipped and eventually sank. It is badly silted and fairly broken up but is full of marine life.

Himalaya 12m

This 4600 ton three masted steamer was launched in 1853 and after serving in the Crimean war as a large troopship, was sold as a coal hulk. While anchored in Portland harbour she was struck in June 1940 by bombs dropped from a German aircraft and sank there.

HMS Hood 18m

Sunk as a blockship across the South Ship Channel of Portland Harbour. This 380' battleship is upside down (turtle) and can be a very interesting dive. However, it is "tidal".

James Fennel 18m

A small Admirality trawler only 123' long that went aground on Blacknor Point in March 1920 in thick fog, slid off and sank there. The stern is complete and amidship there is an engine and boiler.

Landing Craft 17m

This small landing craft lies beside the Breakwater wall and close to the Bombardon unit. It is an interesting, but silty, dive and offers an underwater platform for training activities.

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